• Human Search for Resources

Human Search for Resources: Highlights of Ancient Mining from the German Mining Museum Bochum

The exhibition “Human Search for Resources, Highlights of Ancient Mining from the German Mining Museum Bochum” hosted by the National Museum of Iran will be opened on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.
Due to the continuing limitations caused by the pandemic, the exhibitions will be accessible virtually through the website of the museum for visitors around the world. In this exhibition, more than 200 objects related to mining history from twenty countries of the world have been displayed. This collection covers a very long history starting with Paleolithic objects up to the contemporary period.

“Human Search for Resources” is a joint exhibition between the German Mining Museum in Bochum and the National Museum of Iran. It seeks to follow the appropriation of humans to mineral resources and the development of the history of human experiences and achievements in mining, which led to the development of technologies, the formation of professions, trade and specialization of industries. More than 200 artefacts from different parts of the world will be shown, such as the findings of the Austrian salt mines or the relief of Linares from Spain, each of which is a valuable symbol of human interaction with natural heritage.

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